Warranty and Exchange

StoneBreaker Exchange Procedure

At StoneBreaker, we think our gloves are the best in the world and we stand by our quality and workmanship 100%.  However, we do realize that sometimes things happen in our quality control process and you, the customer, deserve to be taken care of.

The quickest method for exchanging a defective product is to contact the Retailer where the glove or product was originally purchased.

If retailer will not honor your request for an exchange, and the issue is something we would consider a defect in materials, packaging or workmanship, we will exchange the product for the same product OR (in the case of discontinued products) a similar product at an equal or greater value. (NOTE: defects do not include damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use.)

We also acknowledge that occasionally, our gloves will wear out. When this happens, your “old pair” is considered a 50% off coupon towards a new pair on a direct exchange with StoneBreaker. Simply send us your old pair and include your email address and phone number and we will be in touch to get you in a new pair of gloves.

Please send returns to us at:

Attn: Returns
10 East Athens Road, Suite 209
Ardmore, PA 19003