Big Mike's Gloves

At StoneBreaker, we believe that there is always a right glove for the job.  And sometimes the job requires less than the advancements we build into every StoneBreaker glove.  For those jobs, we provide a line of traditional, commodity, hand protection called Big Mike's.

These gloves are the standard fare that you find in any retailer.  The truth is, most of these types of gloves are all manufactured in the same factories and just have different labels put on at the end.  We are not re-inventing the wheel with these gloves, we are just getting you standard gloves at super low prices.  And right now, in order to keep costs down, we are only offering a limited selection of Big Mike's gloves and only as multipacks.  Let us know if we should expand the line.

And maybe you are asking "Why Big Mike?" or  "Who is Big Mike?"  Well, Big Mike is the type of person you want on your crew.  Maybe his name is Mike, maybe it's Miguel, maybe it is Michelle, maybe it is Malik, but whomever they are, they are tough, they don't complain, and they get the job done.  We believe that it is good to have Big Mike around when the job demands it. 

Big Mike's Quality Work Gloves - Tough Gloves for Tough Jobs. 

Please note - these gloves are sold with hangtags/barcodes on them.  They are "retail-ready" and re-sellable.